Course Rules

entry and exit stakes

We have been working very hard this year to improve the quality of our courses – please keep in mind the effects that your golf cart can have on the course. Reminders, please do not leave the cart path to get closer to the tee boxes or greens. We request your carts stay at least 30 yards minimum away from our tee boxes and greens. Another way we plan to protect the courses is through entrance and exit poles.  Please review the guidelines of how they are to be used:

1) Par 3 Holes: Cart Path Only! The drivable area on par 3’s are so limited. Golfers need to park by the green on the path and walk to your second shot.

2) Par 4 and 5 Holes: Follow the 90-degree rule. If you hit a drive 250 yards down the hole and do not need to enter at the entrance point, then please keep following the path and enter at a 90 degree point from where your ball ended up.

3) Otherwise, enter at the GREEN STAKE with “ENTER” on it, and then exit at the RED STAKE that is placed at the end of the hole and have “EXIT” on them.  These stakes will be adjusted as needed by your maintenance team to avoid driving over the same area.

We also ask you to be vigilant and hold your playing partners accountable if they stray away from our guidelines. We appreciate your dedication to keeping our courses in premier shape and will continue to make our GreatLIFE courses, Great.


Best, GreatLIFE Management Team

Cart Damage can be explained in two general categories:

1) Turf Injury – The wear damage by carts and equipment is influenced by the speed of travel, amount of stopping and starting and turning, and the tread on the tires.  Damaged plant cells eventually give the turf a dark, water-soaked appearance that equates to water loss in the plant, eventually causing the loss of chlorophyll and cell / plant death.

2) Soil Compaction – The soil compaction caused by carts reduces the shoot growth rate and the reproductive potential of the grass plant.  Compaction reduces air and water porosity within the soil as well as water movement through the soil profile.  Long term effects of compaction can result in poor drainage and plant death which affects the overall playability of the golf course.

Studies have been done to show the overall area that is affected with various modes of transportation on the golf courses that are broken out below.

1) Walking – single 1,283sf / foursome 5,132sf
2) Walk and pull cart – single 12,908sf / foursome 51,632sf
3) 1 Rider with Golf Cart – single 61,845sf / 4 cart foursome 247,380sf
4) 2 Rider with Golf Cart – 1 cart 61,845sf / 2 cart foursome 123,690sf

As you can see by the numbers the walking golfer does far less damage to the course than a golf cart, but the even bigger number is the amount of possible damage with 4 carts in a group compared to 2 carts.  This is why you will see GreatLIFE courses require a 2 cart maximum per group, to help with the overall condition of the golf course.


shawnee country club hole 5



As a reminder while we are fitness centers, we are also golf courses. Attached is the recommended dress code for members and guests.

Women: Collared shirts are recommended. Shirts without sleeves may be worn on the golf course if they have a collar. T-shirts (no offensive print or pictures), jeans or jean shorts are acceptable as long as they are not ripped or torn. No tank tops, halter tops, bathing suits or other related attire.

Men and Children: Collared shirts are recommended. T-shirts (no offensive print or pictures), jeans, jean shorts and basketball type shorts are acceptable if they are not ripped or torn. No tank tops, sleeveless shirts, bathing suits or other related attire.

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